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Watercolour Commissions! ^v^

Here are some samples of other Pokemon watercolour pictures I've done (Raichu and Gyarados is for sale for $12 without shipping!).

Please buy me =3 
Charizard  Honeycomb 8D

Click Here to see my other watercolour examples!

Click Here to check out my main sales post! ^v^

First thing's first: Rules!
1. I ship internationally from Australia, but all prices are in US dollars because that’s what the majority of people on here use.
2. I will gladly trade for anything on my wants list here: and TCG cards from before the Diamond/Pearl set (direct me to your card sales and I’ll pick out what I need!).
3. I accept PayPal and bank deposits only.  
4. When you’re placing an order, please put down your COUNTRY and your zip code in order for me to work out postage (I live in Australia, I don’t know every US state! XD).
5. Please be patient when waiting for a reply... I usually only get a chance to go on the internet once a day and on the rare occasion I might not have a chance at all.

To order a watercolour commission, simply leave a comment below and tell me exactly what you want! :) You might just want one particular Pokemon, or you may have a specific scene in your mind that you want me to illustrate. If you're not quite sure what you want, I can send you some quick concept sketches and you can decide which one you like best! I can also send you scans throughout the production stages of the picture, making it easy for me to change anything you'd like done differently. Pictures will be done on A4 sized watercolour paper with good quality paints (oh yes, it's the expensive stuff that comes in tubes 8D) and are outlined with a fine-liner pen.

Once you are happy with the finished commission, we can negotiate a price. Normally I'll give a price range depending on how much time/effort went into the painting, but I'll usually let the buyer decide the final price (assuming it's reasonable, of course) based on how much they think it's worth. Generally speaking, most of my commission prices range from around $12 - $20. Shipping is, of course, seperate and usually costs about $2 - $4 to anywhere overseas (yes, yes I know. Unfortunately I'm not the one who decides shipping rates D=).

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